Submissions to The Transnational


We accept all kinds of texts: short comments, short essays, short-shorts and more experimental formats up to max. 1,000 words.


We accept all kinds of poetry: traditional verse or free verse

preferred: innovative and creative ways of using language and wordplay, a smart combination of language, form and content, but please make sure that your poems are poems and not prosaic sentences written one below the other (if so: please submit them as prose pieces)

We want work that is often difficult to place – nothing written to satisfy the imagined capacities and desires of an audience.
We are looking for ambitious and challenging creative texts which fit the concept of the Transnational, - meaning that they make a constructive contribution to the political
and social developments in the present. (Please no love poems. No political propaganda. No indoctrinations or texts about animals or flowers.)

Simultaneous submissions and already published texts are ok, but please mention this in your submission.

We are afraid, but we cannot offer free samples of the magazine to our authors and there is no payment, since we are self-funded, even though we would love to pay all contributors - as long as the Transnational does not make any profit we simply cannot.


  • No cover note is necessary, our emphasis is on your texts.
  • Please send us your best work only (we don't read entire manuscripts).
  • When sending texts, you guarantee that you are the sole creator of any work submitted and you confirm that your work does not infringe anyone else's copyright.
  • Submissions that ignore the guidelines will be discarded.
  • Our editor (René Kanzler) will respond to every contribution. This means that you will definitely hear from us. The response time is approximately four to eight weeks. If you don't hear from René within two months, that's because your manuscript is still under consideration. Please wait to query until three months have passed.
  • You can submit via snail mail or email (if you're sending submissions by post: texts that we reject will be discarded after reading. Please keep the originals, send copies of the texts only and don't send a SASE. Please note that we will reply to national and international submissions by email.)
  • The Transnational retains first printing rights, then rights revert to the author. Still, The Transnational should be credited as the original publisher if the work is subsequently placed elsewhere.

We prefer submissions via email.

Email submissions

  • Limit your submission to 8 pages and send it in the body of your email (not as an attachment).
  • If you send prose, please include a 5-sentence summary of the content
  • Email subject: your full name + submission + poetry / prose

If we accept your texts, we will ask you to send us signed hard copies of the texts.

Please send all submissions to:

Postal submissions

  • If you send poetry: type no more than one poem per page, single-spaced and limit your submission to 8 pages (printed on both sides if you want to save on the postage, but then please make sure your submission has page numbers)
  • Please print your name and address (postal and email) on every single page you send and sign all of them. Unfortunately, unsigned papers will not be accepted for legal reasons.

Please send an email to the address above to request the postal address.


We look forward to read your submissions!