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Editorial office

The editorial office of the Transnational (former PostPoetry) decides on the publication of any poem on the website at its sole discretion. The editorial office reserves the right to object to the publication of any poem without giving reasons ex post. Should the contents of any article disagree with legal requirements, scandalise in public, hold extremist views or denigrate other persons, the article in whole will automatically be excluded.

Texts and pictures

The content (text or pictures) belongs to the author or artist. The opinions expressed in the content does not belong to the Team. Our mission is to publish texts of different contents from national and international PostPoetPeople to show different angles and perspectives. The PP-editors have the names of all writers/artist whose texts/pictures appear on the website. All rights to the texts/pictures belong to their “makers”, whose names (or pseudonyms) will always appear together with them.

If any of our pictures infringe upon copy-rights (according to § 23 Urheberrecht an Werken der bildenden Künsten und der Fotographie) please contact us.

Information about links on the Transnational

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