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Featured: The Sari  by Shubhangi Joshi

It is not just worn at weddings, parties and ceremonies

It is also worn at a construction site
Amidst the cement, sand, gravel
Under the ruthless sun
Over a parched throat and blistered feet

It does not always shimmer in gold brocade and silk

It is also torn and tattered
With frayed edges, fading colors,
and cheap fabric

It is not always neatly pleated and pinned

It is also hastily stuffed into the petticoat
Worn high to avoid puddles
The pallu bunched up and flung over the head

To cushion the weight of bricks

It is not always an epitome of grace
Sometimes, it is patched with grime and grit.

Shubhangi Joshi
Shubhangi Joshi

About the author:

Shubhangi Joshi is a poet and musician based in Mumbai/India. She is the author of the poetry collection 'To Stir Up an Ornate Nest' (Authorspress, 2014) and the winner of the commendation prize at the All India Poetry Competition 2014 (Poetry Society of India). Her poetry has appeared in the anthology on gender and illness by Stanford University, Manushi, The Brown Critique, Poetry Quarterly, Levure Litteraire, and other journals. She has performed her poetry at events such as the Tata Literary Festival and others around Mumbai. Her poetry has also been performed by spoken word poets such as Janet Kuypers at poetry mic events in the US.  Her writing focuses on criticising and challenging India's societal norms, with a focus on its patriarchal psyche.

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