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Starting June 1st we'll be open to new submissions for our 5th magazine. Closing date will be the 20th of August 2017. For more information please check out the Submit page.

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As a new feature of our new website we periodically present authors to you, who support the Transnational, and their literary works. Those texts are only on our website. Other works can be read in the upcoming issues of the Transnational.

Crapocracy by Carina Contreras

It’s all overflowing
All over the place
The presumed dead is showing
Up from surface to interface
The passers-by walk over
What was left behind
By those left behind
Their numbers decline here
Operation Gentrification
Depopulation unfollowed
The number you have dialed is no longer in use
A barrage of noise erupts from the mute
Oozing out of our ears
Rout out
All our common sense
Who cries for us
For real
So whatever we spewed
After Prime Time News
Stops flushing our streets

Carina Contreras
Carina Contreras

About the author:

Born and raised in the Eifel, she relocated to Aachen/Germany. After completing her studies in psychology and psychotherapy, she has been working as a Clinical Psychologist, currently finishing her doctorate. Her writings have been published in several anthologies. She maintains a blog at

New Editor / New Website

As of February 2017 René Kanzler has become the new editor of The Transnational magazine while the website has been re-designed to enhance both the reading and viewing experience.

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