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The Transnational Volume 7
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Featured: Adopt an oldie by Rudolf Weiler

Do busy lives end sooner? Or does it just seem so? Childhood, youth and adulthood to some feel like fast trains. An active life leaves less time and energy for retrospection and planning the last phase of one’s adult life.
Becoming a retiree has its sweet charms, but also snags and deceptions are frequent. The „Retired Husband Syndrome“ is well-known and is frustrating for both partners. First I refused to even think of my „new freedom“, but I made plans and jokes aboutit. I continued working well after the regular retirement age, started a new business as an editor, just to find out that this does not work. I renovated the house we live in and worked frantically in the garden. All to no avail.
Looking after my two sweet grandchildren somehow never materialised, which was a great deception. Travelling is no option for several reasons, reading and writing of course are life’s best resort. Facebook and Twitter were definitely not an advisable alternative for a scant social life. So what? As my wife kept complaining about my RHS I was thinking about what to do.
Having mostly had contacts with younger people as a former teacher, I met two people in their late eighties. Both of them are completely fit and active. Deep friendships developed within a short time, common interests and shared humour makes life easier for all of us.
There is a woman living next door, soon 90, taking care of her house and garden, doing her own shopping and going out whenever she can to meet people in a women’s club and even attend general annual meetings of companies she has shares with. She would like to go on a cruise, but cannot find anybody who wants to go with her... Chatting with her and sharing coffee and a laugh improves both our lives.
The artist and author I met a couple of years ago is an incredible wizard and a creative genius; he should be world-famous, but struggles to be acknowledged in his nativetown and country. He has travelled and lived abroad intensely, has painted thousands of stunning pop-art-dada-symbolistic works and written the longest Swissprose work of nearly 2000 pages. Adopting him means I am editing some of his work and doing some paperwork for him.
Both keep going in their lives, not without pain, but without complaining. I adopted them as one might adopt a poor child in Africa — they are both not destitute, but far from rich. And more generally one might suggest we „adopt“ people we meet every day, strangers, refugees, humanity after all.

About the author:

Rudolf Weiler, PhD, wrote an enthusiastic thesis about Nabokov’s novels and some literary criticism and published threebooks of short texts. He did more than 40 years' teaching ofEnglish, French and German languages and literatures. He is now working as an author, blogger, proofreader and translator. He is an active member of the Green Party, and is fighting for climate neutral wood logging, farming, human rights and democracy.

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